Company History

Company Background

The company was incorporated in 1982 and was originally known Remee Holding Sdn Bhd (“Remee”). In 1989, after securing a successful bid for the privatization of the Veterinary Research Institute of Malaysia (VRI) vaccines production unit, it also bid to commercialize the University Putra Malaysia (UPM)’s Newcastle Disease vaccine. It won bids on condition tha Remee build its own vaccine plant within 18 months of securing the bids.

  • 1992

    The Establishment of MVP

    By 1992, alongside two other shareholders, Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC), a venture capital arm of Khazanah Holdings Berhad and Arthur Webster Pty Ltd, Australia, the establishment of Malaysian Vaccines & Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd was realized.

  • 1994 – 1995


    It started its activities by selling vaccines produced by the VRI before commencing its own production of six veterinary vaccines in 1994. These vaccines were developed by VRI, UPM and Arthur Webster.

    In 1995, MTDC took over the management of MVP and diversified its marketing and production activities. Meanwhile, Arthur Webster went through several take overs, first by American Home Products Inc., and then by Fort Dodge Animal Health Inc., a company under the Wyeth Group stable.

  • In 2004-2007


    In 2004, MTDC bought over the remaining shares of MVP from its other shareholder and became the new majority shareholder at 77%. Under the stewardship of MTDC, MVP from its initial limited product range during its formation has progressed to a company offering sixteen vaccine formulations covering a multitude of diseases for both the poultry and swine market.

    As MVP matured from a small incubator company, MTDC embarked on an initiative to scale down its investment. In 2007 it handed over the management of MVP to Hightronics Sdn Bhd to take it to new heights.

  • 15 Years Collaboration


    Now MVP has a solid backing in terms of an experienced team in business and finance at its helm through Hightronics Sdn Bhd, a very experienced technical team in the animal healthcare and vaccine manufacturing through both its employees and Fort Dodge as technology provider and a substantial government interest in the company through MTDC.

    The above synergies are further enhanced by the close collaboration of over 15 years with VRI and UPM, both of which are the Malaysian leaders in veterinary researches.

  • 2010-2017

    Continued Mission

    In 2010, Fort Dodge was further acquired by Pfizer Ltd, USA., and the new owner decided to
    divest its stake in MVP. Hightronic bought over all Fort Dodge’s 23% stake, thus increasing its
    shareholding in MVP to 78% while MTDC shares remained at 22%.

    The company continued to blossom under Hightronic, more aggressive approaches were taken to
    expand its market globally. MVP become one of market leader in ASEAN, having full control in
    Private and Confidential
    countries like Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines. New markets were opened like Pakistan, Iran
    and Egypt. MVP also diversified its range of products from the initial six (6) types of vaccines
    during its formation years, it has progressed to a company offering sixteen (16) vaccines
    formulations covering a multitude of diseases for both the poultry and swine market.

    In 2018, when it felt that MVP was ready to fly on its own without any government backing,
    MTDC decided to divest its remaining shares of 22%. The share sale was completed on the same
    year, making Hightronic the single owner of MVP.

MVP – Today

To date, besides domestic sales in Malaysia, MVP’s products are available throughout Asia and
Africa covering a wide range of countries. Besides ASEAN, other markets include Hong Kong,
Iran, Pakistan, Nepal, Egypt and Qatar.
MVP also supplied its vaccines to the following countries through FAO and UNDP such as
India, Bangladesh, Ghana, Angola, Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Zambia and
Mauritius. Recently, MVP has successfully secured an approval from Japan’s Ministry of
Agriculture, Food and Feed to export its vaccines into the country.
MVP continued embarking its journey to open more markets by participating in many
international trade events, seminars and major exhibitions like VIV ASIA, VIV Middle East and
Africa, VICTAM Bangkok, Livestock Philippines, Livestock Indo and Dubai 2020.
Branding is the main focus in its marketing strategy and MVP has successfully positioned itself
as an affordable and competitive brand without compromising its product quality and efficacy.