Quality and GMP

MVP is committed to produce animal vaccines in accordance with established procedures that comply with international standards. A series of quality control test is conducted on every batch of finished vaccines to confirm that it meets the required specifications. This includes;

  • Manufacturing facility and manufacturing procedures complying with International Codes of Good Manufacturing Practices and Quality Assurance.
  • Quality of vaccine assure with proper SOP (Standard Operation Procedure)
  • High quality starting materials including virus seed lot and virus substrate.
  • Freeze drying and impervious packaging of the vaccines.
  • Quality control testings, including safety testing in the target species of all vaccine batches produced.

The vaccine manufacturing facility at our plant was designed by Arthur Websters to meet the International Standards of Good Manufacturing Practice. These procedural codes are strictly adhered to from the receivable of raw materials to the release of goods for sale. Managed by a team of qualified professionals in their respective field and highly skilled and dedicated staff, MVP is positioned to grow and satisfy today’s needs and future demand in the animal vaccines and pharmaceuticals industry.