Raw materials for the manufacturing plant are of the highest quality available and meet rigid specifications. The virus seed lot system is used to ensure consistency of performance for all vaccine batches. The virus seed lot has been rigorously tested for purity, safety and efficacy. The substrate used for virus growth (embryonated eggs or avian tissue culture) is derived from animal which are certified Specific Pathogen Free. This provides assurance that the vaccines are produced from materials that are free from any extraneous disease producing organisms. Added to this, all bulk virus materials are rigorously tested for sterility and potency before incorporated into a vaccine.

Every finished vaccines batch must pass a final series of quality control test to ensure that the vaccine meets required specifications. Then before the vaccine is approved and released for sale, an audit is carried out on every aspect of its production so as to confirm that it comply with the Quality Assurance procedures. This provides assurance to the end users that MVP’s vaccines are pure, safe, efficacious and reliable. MVP’s live virus vaccines are supplied in a stable freeze-dried form. MVP’s packaging system ensures all vaccines are conveniently packed to maintain the shelf life and efficacy.