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Our MyLab Diagnostic Centre efficient, competent, fast and reliable laboratory diagnostic services to serve the livestock industry.

Serology (Poultry) Elisa Method

Newcastle Virus, LBV, LBD, Reovirus, AE, Mycoplasma Gallisepticum, Mycoplasma Synoviae, Chicken Anemia Virus, PCV.

Serology (Swine) Elisa Method

Aujeszky’s Disease G1, Aujeszky’s Disease Gb, PRRS, CSFV, M.Hyopneumonia, HI Method, Edshi, Ndhi.


Post Mortem Chicken, Fungus, Yeast & Mould Identification, Bacteria Identification & Isolation.


Realtime (Depends Types Of Virus), PCR Conventional (Depends Types Of Virus).

Feed/Food Analysis

Mineral, Protein, Total Energy, Crube Fat, Crube Fibre, Carbohydrate, Moisture, Ash.

Vaccine Potency



Water Analysis

Mineral, Heavy Metal, PH, Iron, Total Hardness, Salinity, Barium, Beryllium, Chromium, Cyanide, Fluoride, Lead, Nickel, Nitrite, Thallium, Aluminium, Nitrate, Sulfate.

Sampling Material

Total Bacteria Agar (TPC), Yeast & Mould Count Agar (SDA), Nutrient Agar (NA), Mac Conkey, TSA, Buffer Peptone Water, Cotton Swab, Gauze, Eppendorf, Syringe & Needle.

Antibiotic Residue

Chloramphenicol (ELISA), Chloramphenicol (LCMS), Tetracyclines (HPLC), Tetracyclines (LCMS), Nitrofuran (LCMS), Nitrofuran (ELISA), Sulphanamide Group (BKCS).

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My Lab Diagnostic Center

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